Wind Mitigation

Imagine getting paid to make your home better. It can happen. There are steps you can take to: -Strengthen your home -Increase the resale value and desirability -LOWER YOUR INSURANCE RATES! Talk to us about a Wind Mitigation report. You can...

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Closing Time

Did I ask enough? Did I pay too much? What are homes going for in my area? You local realtors are there to help. The ins and outs of a closing can be stressful if you aren’t used to it! Appraisal, survey, finance, escrow, title,...

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Your Home Inspector is one spoke in the wheel of a home purchase.

Most transactions have : A Seller A Buyer A Realtor (or two) A Financier An Appraiser An Insurance Agent and a Home Inspector. The right Home Inspector will understand the valued roll of each one. Without all of the spokes in the wheel, the Home...

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