Get a four-point inspection in Madison, Live Oak & Perry, FL

A homeowners insurance policy is your best protection against floods, hurricanes, fires and other natural disasters. In order to file a claim, your insurance provider will require detailed documentation to understand the current state of your home. Contact Fl-Ga Home Inspections to schedule a four-point inspection in Madison, Live Oak & Perry, FL.

Our company is fully licensed to perform an insurance home inspection in the state of Florida. Ensure that your home is fully inspected and up to date. Call 229-548-6949 today to set up an appointment for your four-point inspection.

What is involved in the four-point inspection?

A four-point inspection is required by most insurance companies in the state of Florida. This is not a typical safety inspection. Instead, we'll take a close look at your home to ensure everything is in working order. An insurance home inspection will cover:

  • Roofing-check for leaks, holes or weaknesses in your shingles or tile.
  • Electrical systems-ensure the wiring and electrical panel is in good working order.
  • Heating and cooling-make sure there are no leaks and the air is distributed evenly in the home.
  • Plumbing systems-identify any leaking or damaged pipes. Check the condition of the water heater.

Some insurance companies will supply their own form, while others will allow the inspector to choose. We'll guide you through the entire process in the Madison, Live Oak & Perry, FL area.