Reach out to us for a wind mitigation inspection in Madison, Live Oak & Perry, FL

Living in the Florida Panhandle puts your property at a high risk of damage from heavy storms, tornadoes and hurricanes. A wind mitigation inspection is a useful service to receive discounted insurance and improve your safety. Contact the experts at Fl-Ga Home Inspections for a wind mitigation home inspection in Madison, Live Oak & Perry, FL.

Increase the value of your home and protect you and your family. Call 229-548-6949 today to learn more about our wind mitigation home inspection.

How can you protect yourself against damaging winds?

Any loose structure or component of your home's exterior could potentially be hazardous in high winds. During a wind mitigation inspection, we'll look for:

  • Impact resistance windows and doors
  • Quality construction without exposed weak points
  • Solid roof attachments

Gain peace of mind knowing your home can stand up to the worst weather conditions. Contact us today to schedule a consultation in the Madison, Live Oak & Perry, FL area.